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Photography/Typography Artwork

Hidden Thoughts All Four

‘Hidden Thoughts’ is the artwork submission for Open Mind Exhibition. The Open Mind Exhibition is an group exhibition of multiple artists and style all raising awareness for mental health.

The artwork concept is around the idea of those hidden & sometimes nasty thoughts that everyone

has had at some point. It plays on the idea that you only see the surface of someone and what may

seem like a casual or ‘normal’ person, you are unaware of what is going on in their mind or

what they are going through.

The portrait photograph of the individual taken as a neutral and ‘everyday’ pose, surrounded by decorative & creative type of the person’s own personal thoughts, experience or triggers.

The artworks are to confront the viewer with the harsh words but still be a pleasing piece of artwork with black & white photography & decorative font. It is to draw the viewer in to read through their stories & thoughts and sympathise or relate to the calm person or subject.

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