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Visual Identity/Logo Design


"Established in 2017, Zandr Apparel has come to show the world what Melbourne street wear is all about. Taking inspiration from fashionable influences of the city, we strive to be the best in high quality and trendy products." – Zandr Apparel


ZANDR is a online men’s street-wear apparel line. A visual logo was needed to be the icon of the brand to work with the brand name and stand alone as its own identity.

The brief was for the visual logo to represent the brand, such as the tick for NIKE or the big cat for PUMA. The design needed to be edgy & masculine to suit the style of fashion the brand carries. 

Incorporating the letter ‘Z’ was used in al the design options for the new visual logo so it would still relate back to the brand name. Multiple variations were creating for the client with different versions showing a different transformation & change to design. The logo is showcased on T-Shirts, Caps & Hoodies.

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