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Packaging, Ribbon Print & Product Designs


Ribtex International is a wholesaler that supplies beads, jewellery findings, ribbon, organza bags, scrapbooking, party favours, flowers & floral accessories and more to large retailers

such as Spotlight, Riot, Reject Shop & Value Craft. 


Specialising in all sorts of ribbon styles & finishes, custom designed ribbon mixes are designed specifically to trends or seasonal holidays for retailers to sell through their own market.


A multiple variety of ribbon patterns and designs are created exclusively for each individual retailer following a trend brief and a style guide for packaging. All designs are original and
exclusive to each mix & retailer.


Exclusive products and ranges are designed and presented for individual customers. Packaging is designed to specific theme/brief and often sold as a cohesive range, one-off’s or PDQ.


PDQ’s are quick product drops for retail. The standard process for a PDQ would be trend brief
given followed 
with product samples. A selection of products will be chosen to make a
‘story’/range to fit the brief. 


Ideas for artwork that would compliment the product and follow in the trend style while still being practical. Digital edited mock ups will be created for presentation followed by development as per
the customers feedback then upon approval final print ready artwork files and product images
sent to suppliers for production.

Upon delivery of completed PDQ marketing will be created such as projects using the products which are either for online or in-store display. Product photography is required for online shops and lifestyle images used for catalogue promotions.

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