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Logo Design & Brand Identity

Deer Couture Canvas Bag

 "Deer Couture is a brand for the stylish hedonists of Melbourne. Latex is something remarkable. It is soft, smooth, almost intangible on your skin. It empowers the wearer with a feeling of elegance and strength. Latex is to no longer belonging purely the realm of fetish, latex is evolving into a complex organism capable of amazing things. It has become sculptural, avant-garde, daywear and is still growing and pushing the boundaries of it’s potential."
Deer Couture

Deer Couture is a alternative, custom clothing business that specialises in corsets, gowns, latex wear,

under-garments, cosplay costuming and accessories.

The logo design took inspiration from the name & incorporated a link to fashion and couture style.

The whole design is to be classical and feminine. Business stationery including business cards, product tags, promotional flyers & a ‘Look Book’ were designed for promotion or retail use.

Strong, bold photography was used for parts of the stationery design, showcasing Deer Couture’s merchandise and couture style. *Fashion Photography copyright by participating Photographers.

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